Caribbean Evangelical Missions

CEM Mission

Caribbean Evangelical Missions (CEM) is a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading God’s word to the Caribbean region.  CEM specializes in planting new Spanish-speaking churches in impoverished regions of the Caribbean that are outside the coverage area of traditional larger mission groups.  CEM has established 11 churches in 3 different countries since its inception.

Church Planting

CEM has planted over a dozen churches in remote impoverished neighborhoods in the Caribbean area.   Once established, CEM seeks to purchase a permanent location for the church.


CEM operates a seminary in Cumaná, Venezuela to supply churches with local pastors and missionaries.  The CEM seminary produces about a dozen graduates per year.


CEM supports ongoing missionary work in the Caribbean, in particular to Cuba and Venezuela where CEM organizes medical drives and outreach programs in remote neighborhoods.

Pastor and Mrs Chung, principals at CEM